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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for Digestive Disorders

Qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is a long and arduous process in most cases. To qualify for benefits, a claimant must not only prove they have a disability, but that their disability prohibits them from taking part in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). Essentially, their condition prevents them from earning a livable wage, and is not expected to alleviate in less than a year.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the organization which provides SSD benefits to disabled individuals. However, filing a claim, proving that a claimant’s condition is in fact affecting their quality of life, and providing substantial evidence in order to be approved for SSDI can be difficult. Most initial disability claims are denied, especially in cases where a claimant is representing themselves without legal counsel.

When claims are denied, it is often because the collected evidence was not substantial enough, documentation was not correctly filed, or some other procedural issue arose. Whatever the case, filing a Social Security Disability claim and having that claim approved is far easier with the assistance of a qualified Social Security lawyer in Oakland at your side.

Qualifying Digestive System Disabilities & Conditions

Digestive system disorders can be extremely difficult to treat and live with since the digestive tract plays a significant role in everyday bodily functions, from digesting food to eliminating waste. The digestive system also includes a number of the body’s major organs. If digestive abnormalities become a constant problem, they can easily impede a person’s ability to work. In such cases, contacting a qualified SSDI lawyer to help file a disability claim can be vital to an individual’s wellbeing.

Disabilities and conditions that qualify claimants for Social Security Disability Insurance are listed in what is known as the Blue Book. The Blue Book is used by the SSA to reference disabilities and symptoms when reviewing a claim to determine whether a claimant’s condition should qualify them for benefits or not.

A claimant is usually approved for disability benefits if their digestive system disorder is in the Blue Book. However, in the case where a claimant’s digestive disorder does not fall under the specific category, other important details and symptoms may have to be laid out and considered by the SSA before their claim can be approved. Additionally, the digestive system disorders category is filled with intricacies that must always be taken into account by the SSA, so a mere diagnosis may not always be enough to be approved for disability benefits.

The digestive system disorders category includes the following conditions:

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
  • Hepatic (Liver) Dysfunction (Note: If a claimant has undergone a liver transplant, they will be automatically approved for SSDI.)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Malnutrition

Understanding the Blue Book and how it is referenced by the SSA is what experienced SSDI lawyers do. Those who are unfamiliar with the application process or choose to apply without legal counsel often find filing for disability benefits and getting approved is much more difficult than it need be.

SSDI & SSI Attorney Near Oakland, CA

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