Difference between SSD and SSI

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Difference between SSD and SSI

Social Security Disability is a benefit available for individuals who are unable to work and who have paid into the Social Security trust fund while they were employed. When an employee contributes a portion of their salary to the Social Security trust fund their employer contributes an equal amount to allow the employee to become eligible for retirement benefits when they reach retirement age. However, these employees also become eligible for Social Security Disability benefits if their employment is cut short due to a disability prior to the attainment of their full retirement age.

Social Security Disability benefits are based on the amount each individual paid in Social Security taxes while employed. The taxes paid to Social Security are based on the amount earned. So, those individuals who earn more while employed typically get paid more in monthly benefits than those who earn less.

Social Security Disability benefits also offer their beneficiaries additional benefits if they have eligible dependents or children. Medicare is also available for the disabled individual. Your SSD attorney will explain your rights and possible Social Security benefits when meeting with you.

The SSI program provides benefits made payable to disabled adults and children who have limited or no source of income. These individuals usually don’t have a stable source of income and haven’t paid into the Social Security program over time. People who are over the age of 65 may also qualify for SSI benefits. In some cases, individuals may be able to receive both SSI and SSD benefits at the same time. Speaking to one of our SSI attorneys helps you get the answers you need.

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