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Why it’s Necessary to Hire a Disability Advocate

As you probably know, you are not required to hire a disability advocate or an SSI attorney near Orange, CA. That said, you’re also not required to hire a lawyer to represent you in any legal matter, but obviously that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

For example, if you owned a property and were sued by someone who got hurt on that property, hiring a lawyer would be a no-brainer. Despite their high fee, their services will more than pay for themselves if they do their job. And the same can be said for disability advocates who can represent you like an SSI attorney near Orange, CA.

Why You Need a Disability Advocate

As unfortunate as it is to say, the process of obtaining social security disability benefits or supplemental social security income is very complicated. There are so many nuances that the average person simply doesn’t have the expertise to smoothly navigate the processes they need to give themselves the best chance of getting the compensation they need as quickly as possible. And that’s true even if the person applying for benefits has a completely legitimate claim.

How the Disability Advocate Adds Value

You’ll likely only ever be involved in the process of applying for disability benefits, at most, a few times. A disability advocate, on the other hand, has walked hundreds—even thousands—of clients through the process of obtaining their disability benefits. As a result, experienced disability advocates gain an intimate understanding of the process. They know what hearing officers need to hear, what documents need to be processed, and they’re familiar with the staff who process applications.

As a result, disability advocates and SSI attorneys near Orange, CA, are able to create a far less stressful experience for applicants while also greatly increase their chances of successfully obtaining the benefits they’re applying for.

Only Pay if You Win

The fees that disability advocates are regulated by the government so they’re capped at 25% of the retroactive reward. Plus, by law, you only have to pay your disability advocate if they successfully obtain your disability benefits on your behalf.

Still Curious Why You Should Hire a Disability Advocate?

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