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What Are SSD Auxiliary Benefits?

Our Social Security lawyers in Oakland are ready to help you and your family with any issues regarding Social Security disability. Social Security disability is a program that benefits individuals who are unable to work and have paid into the Social Security trust fund when they were employed. The benefits are based on the amount each individual paid in Social security taxes while employed. If possible, Social Security disability benefits also offer their beneficiaries addition benefits if they have eligible dependents for children. Under certain circumstances, the dependents of people who receive Social Security Disability benefits by also be eligible for what is called auxiliary benefits.

You can head over to the SSA website for a more thorough explanation on types of beneficiaries and all the rules that come with it. It’s important to stay informed because the descriptions may pertain to you and your family.

Auxiliary benefits explained

Auxiliary benefits are paid to dependent spouses and children of the individual who is receiving social security. This type of benefit can be beneficial to a large family, a single parent, or anyone with dependents. Whenever family size changes, it’s possible that the benefits can change as well

How do auxiliary benefits work?

If you are eligible to receive SSD insurance, your family members—a spouse and children—may be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits. Auxiliary benefits amount is directly related to the amount you are entitled to receive. This is based on taxes you had formerly paid into the SSA when you were employed.

Who receives auxiliary benefits?

In order for children to qualify for auxiliary benefits, they have to be a dependent. In addition, they must be under 18 years of age and enrolled in school full time. They have to be unmarried as well. In order for a dependent spouse to receive auxiliary benefits, they must be at least 62 years old, or have a child who is under 16 years old or disabled. An eligible dependent may receive up to 0% of the disabled person’s benefits.

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