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Veterans and Social Security Disability

If you are officially classified as disabled through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), your next step could be to figure out if you also qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Did you know that you may be able to receive SSDI in addition to veterans’ benefits if you have a disabling condition that prevents you from working in any capacity for an employer? Our Social Security disability attorneys serving Oakland broke down the differences for you.

Criteria Difference

Veterans Affairs uses a different set of criteria from the SSA to determine if you’re disabled. For example, the VA looks at your military records, reviews them to see what diseases or injuries you acquired while serving, and then assigns you a disability rating from 0 to 100 percent. The rating depends on how disabled they believe you are and benefits are correlated with the percent score. The SSA system does not use a percentage score as the decision is either all or nothing.

If you are completely disabled, you qualify for SSDI. Some facts to consider when qualifying for SSDI include:

  • You must have a terminal medical condition or one that will result in you being unable to work for a minimum of one year in the future.
  • SSA doesn’t take into account just one condition—they consider your overall health.


If you’re a veteran and had received a disability rating of 10 percent, you may not qualify to receive SSDI. If you have 100 percent, on the other hand, you may have the option to receive SSDI. Make sure you note on your application for the SSA that the VA has deemed you to have a permanent and complete disability.

Medical Records

When you get treatment for your disability and it’s through the VA medical center, the Social Security disability examiner may not be able to obtain these records. Sometimes, the VA won’t supply medical records to the SSA. As a veteran, you should consider personally obtaining your own medical records so you’re able to turn them into the SSA should you choose to apply for disability or file an appeal.

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