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Should I Hire a Social Security Attorney or an Advocate?

You can’t go wrong hiring a social security attorney or an advocate to help work on your case. These professionals, whether they’re a social security lawyer in Oakland or an advocate, are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to the social security system.

Simply put, the process of filing a claim (and getting it approved) is difficult, complicated, and can be slow to unfold. The system is full of ins and outs that you couldn’t possibly understand fully without spending your career working in the system. When it comes down to it, the complexity of the process itself is the main reason you should hire a social security lawyer in Oakland.

But we’ll review a few other reasons.

Your Attorney or Advocate Will Speak for You

Even if you have a legitimate disability and a completely valid case, standing in front of a judge and answering questions is an intimidating prospect for many people. Often times, people’s nerves don’t allow them to state their case as successfully as possible.

An attorney or advocate, on the other hand, is not only trained and experienced at making oral arguments, they do it all the time. By employing an attorney or advocate, you enable the facts of your claim to be seen in their clearest, most convincing light.

You Only Pay for Success

When you hire a social security attorney or advocate, you don’t pay unless you get paid. In other words, unless you win your case, you don’t have to pay your advocate or your social security lawyer in Oakland. Moreover, their fee is limited to 25% of your past-due disability benefits and the total figure is capped at $6000. This means that whether you hire an advocate or an attorney, they are highly motivated to make sure that you win your case.

Increase Your Chances of Success

Many social security claimants don’t get their benefits not because they don’t have a strong claim, but because they don’t know how to present their claim. This is simply because it’s harder than people often think to make a strong case. With an attorney or advocate, you have a professional who makes strong cases for a living.

Looking to Hire a Social Security Lawyer Oakland or an Advocate?

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