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Improve Your Chances of Winning Your Disability Case

If you are considering filing for disability benefits for the first time or if you have been denied before, you know it can be a stressful process. Use these steps from our social security lawyer near Oakland to better your chances of winning your disability case. We work with you to make sure you do not have to go through to process alone.

Comply with Treatment

Before you begin your application, make sure you are complying with any type of treatment that your physician or psychiatrist has recommended for you. Ensure you are up to date with all your medications or you are attending recommended physical therapy sessions. This proves beneficial as part of the initial application calls for medical documents and your doctors will be able to hand these over to your lawyer.

Accurately Report

Make a compelling claim that accurately reports your symptoms and day-to-day experience of your health conditions. Be detailed but do not exaggerate. Gathering all your medical records and documentation will ensure that all the paperwork makes it into the right hands. Even after you’ve finished the application process, continue to gather any new medical evidence you can that will help you with approval.

Meet Deadlines

Meet all deadlines that surround your appeal throughout the process. Never miss a doctor’s appointment or meeting with an attorney. If your claim has been previously denied, make sure you are meeting your 60-day deadline for an appeal. Before you turn in your report, you must gather all the information you need to make your application complete. If you have any questions during this time, contact your attorney and they’ll be able to work through the process with you.

Hire a Social Security Lawyer Near Oakland

Not only can applying for disability benefits be extremely overwhelming and a grueling process to do on your own, but people who hire a social security lawyer near Oakland have a better chance of winning their claim. A lawyer will take care of every detailed step while ensuring your claim is up-to-date and submitted with the highest standard.

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We pride ourselves on customer service and will appoint a personal caseworker to guide you through this process to ease your anxiety and stress of being approved. To learn any more information about filing your disability claim or when to hire a social security lawyer near Oakland, contact Ortega Disability Group today!

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