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5 Mistakes To Avoid During The Disability Process

As your SSI attorney in Orange, CA, our goal is not only to help you obtain the benefits that you deserve, but also to be available to answer your questions throughout the process. We know the process can be difficult and time-consuming, but make sure you avoid these mistakes while applying for disability.

Waiting Too Long To Apply

If you are ready to file a claim, you should not wait to do so. There are times when an individual is reluctant to file a claim because it means they are “giving up” or they could get better over time. However, if you think your impairment will last at least one year and you will not be able to work full-time, you should apply for disability immediately as the process is lengthy.

Assuming You Cannot Afford Representation

Social Security Disability representatives, like us, do not charge up-front fees or require a retainer in order to work on your Social Security disability case. Most of the time, the attorney will only be paid if they win the case, making it a contingency fee. You’ll be asked to sign a fee agreement when you first hire a representative, which basically gives the SSA the ability to pay your representative if the claim is approved.

Not Including All Impairments On Application

SSD and SSI disability applications are evaluated on the basis of both physical and mental impairments. The examiners and judges are required to consider all impairments that you chose to list on your disability application. It’s important to list everything from mental illness to chronic pain issues like rheumatoid arthritis. Hiring an SSI attorney in Orange, CA allows you to have help with your files and to find out all illnesses that you can list.

Failing To File An Appeal

If you do not file an appeal to your denied claim within 60 days of the denial date, it can seriously affect your disability claim. Missing a deadline can mean re-filing your claim and even losing access to back pay, which can cause lost hope and make you give up on starting over. Hiring an advocate is beneficial in that they will help you keep track of important deadlines in regard to your claim.

Assuming You Do Not Need Representation

It’s likely you will not be able to handle your case without representation. A representative is an experienced disability advocate who can help build your case while also creating a case strategy. Your advocate can also obtain medical records and critical opinions from your doctor that will maximize your chances of success.

As your SSI attorney in Orange, CA, Ortega Disability Group is ready to help with your case. Contact us at 800.322.1173 or head over to our website to submit a form for a free consultation.

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