Becoming disabled or ill to the extent that you can no longer work can be overwhelming and disappointing. If you’ve never needed to obtain disability benefits to make up for your lost income, you may be wondering where to turn and who to hire—whether it’s an SSI attorney near Oakland or a disability advocate.

To help ease your transition into this new, but often daunting process, we’ll lay out a few of the signs to look out for that tell you it may be time to hire a disability lawyer. Just keep in mind that if you’re not sure, you can always call an SSI attorney near Oakland and ask them directly what they think about your case.

You’ve Never Gone Through the Process of Obtaining Disability Benefits

The first sign that you need to hire a disability lawyer is if you’ve never gone through this process before. Though it’s unfortunate, the process of claiming disability benefits is not perfect, and newcomers often have trouble navigating it effectively. If you’ve never obtained disability benefits before, or you’ve tried and failed, that’s a sure sign that an SSI attorney near Oakland can help you.

You Don’t Know the Difference Between SSD and SSI

A basic measure of whether or not you’re familiar with the disability benefits process is if you know the difference between SSD and SSI. These are two distinct types of disability income and receiving either kind requires different eligibility criteria. If you’re not sure what the difference is between these two, or you don’t know the eligibility criteria, a disability lawyer can help you understand.

You Want to Improve Your Chances of Winning the Case

Put simply, disability lawyers rely on their ability to win your case in order to put food on their table and a roof over their head. That means they’ve spent years studying, training, and working through the process with hundreds, even thousands, of other people who need disability benefits. In short, disability lawyers increase the chances you’ll win your case, so if you want the best chance of obtaining your benefits, you may want to hire a disability lawyer.

You Need an Expedited Hearing

For the most part, regulations dictate that disability cases be processed in the order in which they are filed. That said, a disability lawyer can do many things to ensure your case gets resolved as quickly as possible.